Delay converting slightly_smiling to 🙂


(Joshua Rosenfeld) #1

So over on, I have noticed on more than one occasion in the last few days that :slightly_smiling: takes a significant time to resolve to the proper emojii. There does not appear to be any delay in the post edit preview, but on the topics themselves I have noticed the text appearing for more than 5 minutes before it “converts” to the emoji form.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Is this consistently reproducible ? I wonder if there was a job backlog at the time

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #3

I wouldn’t say it is consistent, but I have noticed on more than one occasion. I am curious why the rest of the emoji would be converted and just :slightly_smiling: is not. Each time I have seen it it was always :slightly_smiling: and all other emoji were converted…

(Greg Dunlap) #4

I’ve been seeing this on my installation as well. All other emojis work fine but this one never renders. Example:

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Definitely a few reports of this across multiple sites, can you take a quick look Monday @eviltrout?

(Robin Ward) #6

That is quite unusual. I saw you are not running the most recent version of Discourse. I wonder if something was improperly cached last time you upgraded. Can you try upgrading to the latest version and see if it goes away?

Otherwise it might be useful if I could shell into your installation to peek around if you’d be comfortable with that. From the front end I see that it’s not resolving but it’s not clear why it doesn’t have the Emoji available.

(Tom Newsom) #7

I have a similar issue.

The thin pink line is actually the slightly smiling emoji, which, if I select it, results in

It’s hard to know if/when it resolves, but I’m looking at a 23h old :slightly_smiling: in another post that hasn’t transformed yet. Rebuild Html has no effect.

If I just type :) then all I get is

And it stays like that.

I’m fully up to date, with git pull, rebuild app run just the other day. I swear it was working for a bit.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #8

@Tom_Newsom, if you use the rebuild HTML command on the post, does it convert for you? I had some success with that…

@eviltrout, do you want this to remain in the #support category, or with multiple reports should I move this to #bug.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Not a bug until we have consistent repro steps… once we have that, absolutely.

(Tom Newsom) #10

The emoji appears very briefly and then reverts to :slightly_smiling:

I keep trying to catch it by pausing JS execution but I can’t get the timing right :smiley: I’m sure someone who knows what they’re doing can figure it out.

(Logan Mathews) #11

I actually had the same issue with an emoji (but mine was added through a custom plugin). I’m not sure if the issue arose during an update (failed/messy update) or what. Between changing how I was adding the emoji (doubt it resolved the issue but should be mentioned) and running another discourse update resolved the issue. If there is a discourse push pending, you could always run it and hope it resolves the issue like it did mine :frog:

The post I mentioned it in is at:

The reason I mention any of this (besides to let you know you’re not alone and that it may resolve itself) is that it might help narrow down when this issue first started occurring (roughly 2 weeks ago).

(Greg Dunlap) #12

After upgrading this problem went away, so I’m good.