Delete all categories/subcats without deleting posts

(Emily Malkin) #1


Trying a big rearrangement of our forum. Whereas topics had been parsed out into categories and subcats, I’d now like no formal organisation, just the latest posts at the top. I know I can set default view to list newest topics, but I’d like the categories themselves to disappear too.

What’s the easiest way to do this? Thanks!

(Kane York) #2

Move all of the topics into their new categories, then you can delete the category. There’ll be a handy link to the oldest topic in the category where the “delete category” button would otherwise go.

(Emily Malkin) #3

But what if I wouldn’t like any categories at all? Just a list of topics.

(Kane York) #4

Move them all into the special “uncategorized” category then.

Or hide the categories from the topic list. (that may actually be easier for you)