Delete Personal Message

(John) #1

How I can delete a recieved Personal Message ???

(Jeff Atwood) #2

You can’t – that would delete it for both users.

So if Sally PM’ed you, and you deleted that PM, it would disappear for her as well.

(山) #3

Instead of delete, how about soft delete? It still exists, a check would see if the user soft deleted it then no longer show it to them. On the opposite side(s) a note would exist saying the other user left the conversation.

This may help with harassment situations. A user that flags a PM they think is against the community’s etiquette then can have the PM removed (soft deleted). That shows their willingness to flag and drop; not stir a troll’s hornet nest.

This shows in full that a user no longer wishes to participate in a discussion. Same as mute, but also removing it from the PM list.

(Kane York) #4

I suppose people are asking to “hide” PMs, so they no longer show up in the list?