Deleted backups continue to occupy space

(Miguel) #1

First, excuse my horrible English. In the end I will write it in Spanish in case someone prefers it :slight_smile:

I have a problem with backups I always erase all, I only keep the last one. But they still occupy space and I’m running out of space. Any ideas?


Spanish version:

Tengo un problema con los backup. Siempre borro todos, sólo mantengo el último. Pero siguen ocupando espacio y me estoy quedando sin espacio. ¿Alguna idea?


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(Michael Brown) #2

Every time someone says this, their English is just fine! :+1:

These statistics are only updated every 30 minutes, so deleted backups will not appear to immediately free the space.

If it has already been 30 minutes, I would suggest checking the value of DiskSpace.backups_used_bytes from the rails console as well as the physical backup path for files.

(Miguel) #3

Thanks for your words about my horrible English :joy:

Could you tell me step by step what I would have to put in the console? With what you have put me, I do not know how to put it. Sorry!

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

Something like this will give you the real data:

cd /var/discourse
du -sh shared/standalone/backups/default
ls -lh shared/standalone/backups/default
(Miguel) #5

Thanks Jay! I’ll try today and tell you something :wink:

(Miguel) #6

There are backup copies that are not displayed in the panel. How can I delete them from the terminal?

My forum has stopped working due to lack of space!

Edit: I have been able to delete all backup copies with:

rm shared/standalone/backups/default/NAMEOFBACKUP