Deleted posts not deleting themselves after 24 hours


I found some older topcis on this. From 2014/2025 and didn’t want to bump those. Running latest fetes-passed in a docker install as per guidelines.

I was testing around and deleted (as admin) some posts by a test user and the discobot. A few days later these posts are still there. Nobody had flagged them so that can’t be the reason they’re not being deleted.

Are only posts deleted by the user gone after 24 hours? Also some posts of myself I deleted as admin don’t get the (post withdrawn) and also still appear in the lists after 24 hours.

Is this by design or am I doing something wrong here? I can still undelete them fine.

The deleted posts don’t bother me at all, just want to know why they’re not being deleted by the system after 24 hours.


If I change the ownership to a test user without any mod/admin rights and change the 24 hours to delete instantly deleting them as test user works. But it doesn’t work for admin/mod deletes. So I guess this is by design?

Oh, they only delete for the user itself, can still see the “instantly” deleted posts as admin… Confusing.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Those posts were likely flagged. Flagged posts will not auto delete.


They weren’t flagged, I’m the only user in this setup hehe.

I will do another clean docker install to see if I can replicate it and be of some more use than just reporting.

I found some other glitches like when renaming a topic to one with the same title and changing the category at the same time will give some error, if I only change the title it will give me a correct error saying the title already exists.

Safari also crashed a few times when applying category changes. But that could also could be due me running a beta of Safari :zipper_mouth_face:

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Haven’t noticed a problem here or on other sites; unless a post is flagged, it indeed gets auto-deleted as promised.

(Mittineague) #5

Are you certain that sidekiq is operating as expected?


Sideqik is not reporting anything bad I think. 23 failed and the rest of the counters are all 0. What I did was play around with discobot and then deleted the posts made by it. I’ll see if I can setup another docker install somewhere to try and replicate it.

Same happens on a new install. I have 23 fails in Sidekiq but can’t click on it for details. Not sure if those fails relate to the posts not being fully removed. I guess nothing ever gets fully deleted for an admin because if I change the ownership of the post to a normal user and set delete time to 0 and delete them as the user, they’re gone. But not for the admin. Also not after a few days.

I’ll learn to live with it.