Deleted server >> New server = assets/uploads not showing up


(Andrew Stroup) #1

Heyo, so through an error (primarily on my part) my EC2 server that was running Discourse went down.

I stood up another EC2 server (identical setup) and reattached the RDS Postgres DB and Elasticache Redis server (along with the SES settings and other things in app.yml).

I was able to successfully able to relaunch the server but the uploaded images don’t load. I receive the following console error:

GET 404 (OK)

This happens for any images that were previously uploaded. At first I thought this was an issue with the new EC2 and being able to reference the correct images, BUT I then tried to upload images (into a topic or reply) and receive the following response.

GET 404 (OK)

All the posts are present and accounted for. My app.yml is set to the following:


No clue, but I trust this was a typo:

GET 404 (OK)

the l and a are reversed from the first link in your OP

(Andrew Stroup) #3

hey just a typo :smile:

(Andrew Stroup) #4

So reading through some documentation it looks like all the images are stored locally on the EC2 unless there was an alternative setup, like S3 or CloudFront (CDN).

I believe S3 has been depricated and I didn’t have CloudFront setup yet.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

No, we decided not to deprecate S3.

(Andrew Stroup) #6

oh … haha cool :slight_smile: I guess I should figure out how to connect to it so I have images pointed somewhere.