Deleted user, accidentally banned username and ip address

(Chris Wheatley) #1

We created an account with the wrong e-mail address, and I clicked the first option after clicking delete user, which was something to the effect of ban username and ip address.

Is there a way to undo this so that the username can be reused, and accounts can be created from our ip address?

Also, from a design perspective, it would be more useful if this was not the first option, but was 2nd or 3rd option to prevent hurried clicks, as in this case.

(Chris Wheatley) #2

Okay, I figured out the problem. We had a logo that was too big, and it was blocking the navigation buttons. I when to /admin/logs and then Screened IPs, and I was able to delete the rule to block the IP address.

(Kevin P. Fleming) #3

This should not be in the ‘faq’ category; questions get put here when they are Frequently Asked, as the category name would indicate.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I’ll make it so faq is only available to users with trust level 2 or more.

(Michael Brown) #5

“Default” or “safe” option placement differs by platform - trying to optimise placement per platform is kind of crazy IMO.

I would instead advocate random button placement at various locations on the screen to complete dangerous admin actions. Also, proof of work (solving a differential equation) should be submitted.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

I made it so the first button (delete + block) is colored red aka btn-danger and more clearly distinguished from the second button (just delete).

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(Jeff Atwood) #8