Deleting a newly created post - inconsistent behaviour?

(Jens Maier) #1

The revival of the discussion regarding Permanently deleting Posts/Topics got me thinking:

  • If I create a post and edit it during the ninja edit window, no new revision is created. By replacing the post’s entire content with a lorem ipsum, the previous content is permanently destroyed.

  • If I delete a post during the ninja edit window, the post destroyer does create a new revision and the content I wanted to delete is now stored for all eternity (since Discourse doesn’t yet have a feature to expunge content). Even worse, it remains visible for at least 24 hours to all users with sufficiant TL to view the edit history.

I believe that while a post is eligible for ninja edits, it should also be ninja-deletable, i.e. immediately and permanently. If you want to keep the post record, fine, but the content should not be retained anywhere.

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