Deleting S3 images when post is deleted

Hi All

Issue: when post is deleted, images in online storage are not deleted.
Version: v2.2.0.beta4 +162

So I am going against the grain here a little and using Digitalocean’s Spaces for backups and images. Seems to work fine, however images (original and optimised) are not deleted in Spaces when post is deleted.

Relevant settings:

  • s3 configure tombstone policy - enabled
  • s3 force path style - not enabled

Backups, I just moved, so I don’t know. However, manual backup deletion works as expected and removes files from Spaces.

One thing to note, I tested it, maybe an hour or so ago. The images are still available in Spaces. Perhaps there’s a scheduled job that runs later… Other than that, I am out of ideas.

All advise and help is really appreciated.


Yep that is how it works. Over a week later as I recall.

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Thanks, @codinghorror. Do you know where it’s configured? Either in UI settings or in config somewhere?

You would need to ask @zogstrip but I do not think it is configurable.

It’s configurable via the “purge deleted uploads grace period days” site setting (which defaults to 30 days).


Thanks! Not after changing it, just learning what’s what. :slight_smile: