Deleting topics while maintaining links to WP blog article

(Nick Putman) #1

I am using discourse for comments on my WP blog, using this embedding method.

I previously added a WP post, and it generated a discourse topic, as the script is designed to do. The only trouble is that I am just testing all this out, using the actual article that I want to use to launch the blog. The article wasn’t formatted properly when I posted it, so I needed to edit this in WP. Trouble is the edits don’t cross over to discourse of course, and so I need to change them their too, only I don’t want the article to show as edited on discourse.

I thought of deleting the discourse topic and the WP article and starting again, but the title of the article needs to stay the same and it is the title that generates the topic title and URL in discourse, and because you can’t fully delete topics in discourse, the link to ‘Start Discussion’ points to the deleted topic on discourse.

If I could fully remove edits for the article/topic in discourse, or fully delete the original topic, then all would be fine, but it seems that I can’t - unless there’s some clever workaround?