Deploying Discourse on AWS leveraging Elastic Beanstalk and ECS

(Emanuelet) #1

Hi everybody,
so I am about to deploy the production environment for our Discourse installation on AWS.

We do have already a staging environment with 2 instances that we launched and configured manually and it works pretty well.

For our production though, I wanted of course to have a solution capable of a minimum of auto-scaling (I have already the app.yml ready to go) and for that reason I was looking to handle the deployment through Elastic Beanstalk with a Multi-container installation.

The recommended way is to use a file, and what I have tried to find in the last 2 days is a good example of one that is actually been used (here there is one Document for installing on AWS ECS but I wanted some advice from somebody that has actually used it).

Can anyone post an example of it?

That would be super helpful.