Deploying Question

(Daveyon Mayne) #1

I have read the Beginners Guide to Deploy Discourse to DO using Docker. I have never deployed anything before and I want to ask few questions. Say that I have customized the look of the Discourse and added configs etc…, how to deploys what’s on my local machine? Is the tutorial referring to “upload” the discourse folder on my machine and all its configs?

Question 2:
If I make changes on my local machine, how to update what’s on DO’s servers?

I may ask a lot of weird questions because I’m at a learning stage.

(Kane York) #2

Assuming you’re only adding files, you can do it in app.yml, with the file: directive, though it involves lots of indentation. (Your “added configs” remark. This works for stuff like NGINX.)

It may make more sense to structure your changes as a plugin, then stick the plugin in your (host) /var/discourse/shared/<blah>/ folder and use app.yml commands to symlink it in to the (container) /var/www/discourse/plugins folder.

Additionally, you can drop in CSS and HTML (and therefore JS) straight from the web interface.