[DEPRECATED] The Github Linkback Plugin


(Robin Ward) #41

I could be mistaken, but you don’t give it access to a particular repo, just “public repos.” I believe any repo that it can post in should work, but admittedly I have not confirmed this.


Yaaaa, well i got bored today after 2 beers and got this working: Allow all user repositories wildcard by TheBestPessimist · Pull Request #3 · discourse/discourse-github-linkback · GitHub.

Warning: no prior discourse/ruby knowledge here.

I gotta say tho:
Ruby feels a lot like Perl:
it uses both do end and { },
you can do
s = "a" + "b"
s = "a" "b"
or in a few other ways…

Ruby feels like it has waaay to many redundant features. :worried: (hence comparison to Perl).


I’m not sure exactly what else should be updated (the modifications work on my self hosted discourse), so could you please guide me a little bit?


@zogstrip i have no idea how to do the tests. all my changes were done “by hand” and i just pulled from my branch whilst doing launcher rebuild app .

i see that there are tests in spec/lib/github_linkback_spec.rb, but i don’t have any clue how to extend that and/or how to run them afterwards.

(Régis Hanol) #45

A good starting place is to setup a dev environment locally.


somehow (3 :beers:) i missed that :blush:

(Benjamin lupton) #47

Can it be made possible that this step is optional:

Finally, add the projects you wish to post to in the github linkback projects site setting in the formats:

  • username/repository for specific repositories
  • username/* for all repositories of a certain user

I think if nothing is specified, it should use all organisations and all projects linked to that user account.


Might i just say “Pull requests are welcome” ?

(in all fairness though, username/* is really not that difficult to do since it’s done only once)

(Diego Barreiro) #49

Is possible to link Issues too?


(Jeremy M) #51

As it’s been a few months, just following up on if there a way for this to work with Organizations, or do we have to add each repo manually?

(Robin Ward) #52

For now you still have to add each repo manually.

(Jeremy M) #53

Got it. Appreciate the work that has gone into this!

(Daniela) #54

This plugin is no longer supported, please migrate to GitHub - discourse/discourse-github