[Deprecated] The Official Discourse Slack Plugin

(Nick Sahler) #1

:warning: This plugin is no longer supported. :warning:

Please migrate to Chatroom Integration Plugin (discourse-chat-integration)

A few months ago we began the development of an official Dicourse <-> Slack integration. It’s currently in its early stages but will continue to be built upon as a suite for having Slack and Discourse exchange information in a useful way. This post is a bit late but as development will continue on the plugin, centralizing discussion is a good idea.

Cross-Posting From Discourse to Slack

The plugin allows you to specify filters categories in which new topics should be posted to specified slack channels. This can be controlled through the slash command below or the filter page at /admin/plugins/slack

If ‘Tags’ feature is enabled then optionally you can specify the tags too in each filter rules.

Control of Filters Through Slash-Command

The plugin allows the user to control the above filters and other settings from a slash command specified by a slack team.

Rich Formatting

Topics cross-posted to Slack are prettified


  • post to slack window secs - Automatic cross-posting from Discourse to Slack job will not be triggered until the seconds specified. It give users a chance to edit and finalize their posts.


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(Dave McClure) #2

Is “unfurling on private Discourse instances” implemented in this plugin yet?

@erlend_sh indicated as much when closing the topic for teh Discourse Slackdoor Plugin, but the README still shows it on the “TODO” list.

Happy to update the slackdoor repo with a deprecated notice and a link to the official plugin when that’s ready, but it’s unclear what the current state of things is to me…

(Alex Armstrong) #12

The blog post mentioned that posting from Slack to Discourse is forthcoming, but I don’t see it in the repo’s TODO. Is that still something that’s is planned?

We generally try to keep people on Discourse but I’d feel better about relying more on Slack if we had a good process to move from there to Discourse. (As @erlend_sh suggests here: Should You Move Your Community To Slack? | FeverBee).

(Jeff Atwood) #28

@vinothkannans is working on this project now.

(Dave) #34

Hi Guys,

thanks for your work with this, I’ve just implemented the integration with my site.

One thing… Is there a way to NOT send the real name of users to Slack? My forum likes it’s anonymity somewhat but that gets blown away if they post and they have their name on their profile (not public on the forum) as it shows up in Slack!



Is this plugin still supported, or has it been dropped? Looks like it was bounced from one person to another and now the second person has stopped working on it as well. The important thing for me is posting from Slack to Discourse.

(Jeff Atwood) #39

It’s an officially supported plugin that is available to all our hosted customers. We also use it internally.

(David Taylor) #40

This isn’t yet possible with this plugin. It only does Discourse → Slack

(Vinoth Kannan) #41

Posting from Slack to Discourse feature is currently in Development (not real-time sync. but admin can import slack chat transcript to Discourse. It will be available soon.


Thanks. Saw that and there’s been no movement on it or any of the other items on the list here, which is why I asked.

Glad to know it may be coming soon.

(Jeff Atwood) #43

I deleted a lot of the old obsolete conversations here. @vinothkannans can you edit the first post to make sure it’s up to date? Include tags support, post delay, and other features that have been added in the last 6-8 months. Check GitHub revision history as needed.

(James) #45

Hi @vinothkannans,

This is great to hear. Can you clarify a bit about how this will work please?

Specifically when you say ‘admins’ only can copy conversations across to Discourse.

We’d really like it if anyone can create a topic from within Slack to continue within Discourse. We use both as internal (non-public) team tools.

Looking forward to seeing the feature when it’s out. Happy to help test it if you need!

(Vinoth Kannan) #46

You can post the chat transcript (N number of recent chat messages) from your Slack channel which connected with Discourse.

The development is done. It will be merged soon :slight_smile:

Sorry, currently it doesn’t have above feature.

(David Taylor) #47

It’s still in an experimental stage, but the new discourse-chat-integration plugin does support any slack user posting a transcript to Discourse.


(Alan Tan) #48

This plugin is no longer supported. Please migrate to Chatroom Integration Plugin (discourse-chat-integration)

(Alan Tan) closed #49