DEPRECATION: Support for the `ember-legacy-views` addon will end soon

(Kgish) #1

I’m seeing the following deprecation warning and wonder where it’s coming from:

ember:6210 DEPRECATION: Support for the ember-legacy-views addon will end soon, please remove it from your application. [deprecation id: ember-legacy-views] See Ember.js - Deprecations for v1.x for more details

(Sam Saffron) #2

@eviltrout anything to expand here?

@kgish do you have any plugins installed? does this show up in safe mode as well?

(Robin Ward) #3

The warning will show up for anyone using the master branch right now, as the legacy views ember plugin is installed.

It’s mainly for plugins right now who might be using ember views rather than components. When we update to Ember 2.10 early this week that deprecation will disappear because views won’t be supported.

I’ve reviewed dozens of popular plugins and none of them should be affected, but we can provide advice for any others to migrate away from views.