Development PG_Dump

(Benjamin Kampmann) #1


helping a friend setting up their vagrant for development I noticed that the pg_dumps are missing. Wondering what that came about I reset my own database to learn that in development, we are now running very lean – aka it’s almost empty. I see that makes a lot of sense as maintaining the dump is annoying work, but considering how many aspects only come into place once there is significant amount of content on the site (like ordering in lists or yeah, just everything that ember-cloaking might interfere with), I think a default set of a lot of boring data would be great instead of having to enter everything on your own.

Is there some dump you’d be willing to share with us? Maybe the one behind (excluding Passwords maybe)? Couldn’t find any reference online. Anything is appreciated.


(Benjamin Kampmann) #2

Ok. Seems like it was because I was running the old 0.8.4-Vagrant-File (I wasn’t aware of actually, as Vagrant never prompted me to upgrade). So removing the .vagrant directory and doing a new vagrant up to make it fetch the latest box, then installing with bundler and running db:create db:migrate db:seed_fu, I see my lovely list of default data again. False alarm.

And yes, anyone with this problem: re-setup your vagrant!