Dfp id & dfp codes

(Nick Harrington) #1

I’m trying to understand how my Google AdSense values correspond to dfp ids within domain.com/admin/site_settings/category/google_dfp_plugin

Can anyone help with these code definitions?

My Google AdSense code generates a code block containing:


From the above what is the value of my dfp id and dfp code, e.g. a 720x90 dfp topic list top code?


(Neil Lalonde) #2

Google will automatically generate a DFP ID for you when you visit the DFP site: Redirecting...

Once you’re logged into the DFP console, the URL will have your DFP ID in it. For example, https://www.google.com/dfp/158412345#home means your id is 158412345. You can also see it in parentheses in the header below your email address.

You’ll need to get the ad unit code from the DFP site, not adsense.

(Bcguy) #3

I’m trying to get my Google DFP ads showing up in my forum. I’ve got the DFP ID fine - thats all good

I’m trying to get the ad codes working properly. From reading the readme - it sounds like this is what I want top put into the ad codes section - but its not working. What am I doing wrong??

Here is what I’m looking at in Google DFP:


and Here is what I’m entering in my forums:

But nothing is showing up in the forum.

(Neil Lalonde) #4

The dfp through trust level setting is the trust level when people stop seeing ads. Setting it to 0 means no one will see the ads. That setting is supposed to let people at high trust levels stop seeing ads. I recommend setting it to 4 if you want everyone to see the ads. I should improve the description for that setting.

(Bcguy) #5

Thanks Neil. Got it.

I have another question - what does this mean when the plugin says “nth” posting

Does it mean that the ad should be showing up every nth post? Because if thats what it means (and thats what I’m assuming it means) then its not working properly. It shows up once after nth posts - but then it doesn’t show up any longer in the thread.

I’d really like it to show up every nth post.

Also - The ads aren’t showing up at the bottom of the thread page. It should do that right?

It would be great if you guys had a little big more information in the"readme" file on the DFP plugin - because right now its extremely sparse.

(Bcguy) #6

Anyone with DFP experience know exactly how this is calculated?

(Neil Lalonde) #7

Hmm, it could be a bug. Also, the description makes it sound like it would only appear once… but that isn’t very useful. I’ll have a look.

To show ads at the bottom of a topic, you should fill in the dfp topic above suggested code setting.

(Bcguy) #8

Neil - Thanks. Right now we’re only getting one instance of the ad in the thread of the topic - and yes, what we want is it to repeat every nth post.

ALso - is there a way to get the ads to show up in the main topic feed - every nth topic? - that would be really nice also.

(Bcguy) #9

OK - I’m implementing mobile ads now and things are also confusing in that area. It seems I can choose my ad size for the regular web, but not for mobile. Or is there a way to choose multiple ad sizes in this dropdown box.

As you can see - I’ve entered the code for the “dfp topic above suggested code” and also for the "dfp mobile topic above suggested code. And I can choose the leaderboard size for the the “dfp topic above suggested ad size” - but it doesn’t appear that I can choose more than one size - which is strange. Obviously, the larger leaderboard ads (728 by 90) don’t work on mobile (where my ads are 300 by 100), and vise versa. What am I missing?

(Bcguy) #10

Anyone else have any experience setting up the Google DFP ad plugin?

(Bcguy) #11

Anyone else using this DFP plugin at all?

(Neil Lalonde) #12

I did a lot of work in the plugin today. It can now render an ad after every nth post, instead of only appearing once.

I also took another try at improving the setting descriptions. Some of them were quite baffling.

As you found, the ad size settings are only for the non-mobile ads. At the moment, mobile ads must always be 320x50. I moved the ad size selectors up so they’re with the desktop ad unit code. A separate ad size setting can be added for mobile.

I’ll get this updates deployed for you soon.

(Bcguy) #13

Thanks so much!! Really appreciate your effort and the update.

(Bcguy) #14

please let me know when the updates are deployed so I can fix the issues.


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