Did 1.9 beta 17 rebake change quotes in posts?


I just noticed that some posts on my forum created before the 1.9 release now (v1.9.4) have broken quotes. When there is no newline before or after any of the quote-tags. Is that related to:

and how to fix?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Quotes have to be of this form


or this form


Anything else will no longer work.


Okay, no problem. But that doesn’t answer my question. As it was allowed different before 1.9 shouldn’t there be an automatic rebake to fix those now “illegal” quotes?

Just in case you wonder, it’s not just my forum.You can see it here on meta as well e.g.:

(Jeff Atwood) #4

We can just edit the rare instances as we find them.


So you advise against doing something like this?

Anyway I did start fixing them by hand as it looked like my forum just had 22 occurrences when I searched for "[quote=" but it turns out after I fixed those and did search again 8 more occurrences popped up… and after fixing the new ones and searching again 4 more were found… and so on and on and on, argh. :frowning:

And then I found out that the same is true for the [spoiler]spoiler[/spoiler] tag which is often used inline.


I think I found them all now, this count shows a zero for my forum now:

WITH posts_with_bbcode_quotes AS (SELECT posts.id AS targeted_posts 
         FROM posts 
         WHERE posts.cooked ~* '\[quotes='
         ORDER BY posts.id)
FROM posts_with_bbcode_quotes, posts 
WHERE posts.id IN (posts_with_bbcode_quotes.targeted_posts)