Did digest frequency for all users change with recent upgrade?

(Tobias Eigen) #1

My users have started complaining about getting digest emails daily - I see my own is now set at daily but don’t know what it was set at before. This is confusing for many because they are seeing them for the first time.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

No change here that I know of. Digest defaults to weekly, but we will not mail digest to users who have not been seen on the site in 365 days, which is a site setting.

(Jesse Perry) #3

I know of this somewhat related change (only because I was the one to request it and @eviltrout was kind enough to provide it):

But I’ve been running with this, and haven’t encountered the daily issue you are mentioning @tobiaseigen. All my digests have been properly going out (per my default of every 3 days).

(Tobias Eigen) #4

I just set up a test account and the digest is defaulting to daily on my system, and I did a spot check of my users and everyone I checked had digests set to daily.

Is this configurable by admins?

@jesselperry thanks but I don’t know if the three day digests setting has any effect on us.

(Jesse Perry) #5

Yes it’s configurable in settings:

At this point, if everyone somehow got the 1 day digest setting and it’s annoying all those who have it, you’ll probably want to do an overwrite via rails:

However - of course this would also change it for people that purposefully changed it to 1 day digest. I haven’t tested it, and would want more confirmation before I tried it, but it appears you could use the “User.where” command to apply the overwrite only to people that have the 1 day setting (not every user).