Did localhost Discourse change drastically?

(Mittineague) #1

I know there were some changes made recently and I wanted to get up to date so I started fresh.

Installations often tend to be troublesome for me, so I’ve likely messed up somewhere along the way.

For a while, the server would start up but loading would hang midway in the scss files.

Now the site loads - BUT - I’m getting only 2 topics and 2 users
system and eviltrout

If this is correct, I have no problem with that and I won’t bother scrapping everything and starting fresh again.

The problem I’m now having is eviltrout “password” is giving me an invalid login attempt.

So I would like to know the new password if it is now different, or if I messed up badly and should try again.

Vagrant localhost installation stop working from yesterday on «handle_missing_cache» function in app/controllers/stylesheets_controller.rb

You must Create a admin acount or change eviltrout password
Read This :

(Sam Saffron) #3
bin/rake admin:create

This will work regardless of if the account exists or not.

(Mittineague) #4

I’m developing on Windows 7 - GitHub - VirtualBox - Vagrant
From the power shell CLI I did
bundle exec rake admin:create

And I’m back in business :smiley_cat:

I see that Settings -> Login still has

enable google logins
(deprecated) Enable Google authentication. This is the OpenID method of authentication which Google has deprecated. New installs will NOT work with this. Use Google Oauth2 instead. Existing installs must move to Google Oauth2 by April 20, 2015.

No big deal, but for some reason I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a “huh?” topic about it here soon :wink: