Did someone migrate a Woltlab forum to Discourse?

Having a larger Woltlab Burning Board 4 forum (WBB for short), I am thinking about migrating it some day in the future to Discourse.

Since I virtually found zero (meaningful) hits on Google about a migration from WBB to Discourse, I wonder whether someone already did it in the past and either failed or succeeded.


Huh. WBB is still around and actively updated.

Weirdly enough, it’s something I’ve only ever seen on german forums and nowhere else (usually xf, ipb) – wonder if there is a reason for it. Not knocking it or anything, just a strange thought hidden in the back of my brain encountering WBB in the wild long ago.


It is developed by a German company, so probably this is the reason it is primarily used on German forums.

IIRC they had an English version of their website and forum but it seems to be gone now.

Hey Guys,
i found nothing (or to old) questions to this topic. Is it possible to import a wbb database into discourse? If yes, how is this possible?

Hope someone can answer this one,
thanks in advance!


There is no existing importer for BurningBoard. If you have the know-how/resources to make an importer yourself, you could look at the existing import scripts for PHP forums (phpBB3, Xenforo, bbPress) and make a new script based on that.

Maybe @uwe_keim knows more about this?


Sorry, no idea. I’m just a user, no php/ruby developer.

I know the idea is somehow a bit rough, but if you converted your WBB4 to Simple machines first with this tool? [WIP - Converter] WoltLab Burning Boards / WBB 4.0

Just an idea - you could try a test run with that and see how much is lost in that process.


Did this import end up happening @uwe_keim looking at our import scripts still not seeing any woltlab there.


Until now, we did no migration.