Diff shows incorrect count, date, and avatar when edits made by admins?

(Greg Schafer) #1

I seem to have run into a few bugs viewing diffs between edits on a post. Running discourse release.

The linked image is 7 cropped images, each is of the top-left section of the “History” modal for a post with 7 edits. The highlighted left-arrow is what my mouse is over in each sub-image, and is what I clicked to get to the next (below) sub-image.

(Sorry I can’t embed the image – I’m a new user account.)

Everyone making the edits are admins, which I suspect is part of the problem because I haven’t been able to recreate it on try.discourse with regular accounts.

The bugs:

  1. The diff count doesn’t update (always showing “7 vs 8” where I would expect it to be “7 vs 8” in the top image, “6 vs 7” in the second, “5 vs 6” in the third, etc.).

  2. The avatar doesn’t change to match the editor, but the name is changing correctly.

  3. The dates are wrong. The edits actually occurred across the time between 3 days and 1 hour ago. The most-recent (top) 3 or so edits happened within the last few hours of taking these screenshots, but everything just shows “2 days ago”.

(Kane York) #2

Feels like a problem with bound/unbound in Ember. There were some recent changes here…



(Régis Hanol) #3

@riking’s right. That’s the exact bug I fixed in that commit :wink:

(Régis Hanol) #4