Different between feature and topics

(Manzarul Haque) #1

what’s different between feature and topic in discourse and how can i add multiple topic under a feature

(Lucas Nicodemus) #2

Can you clarify if you’re referring to the feature category on this Discourse instance, meta?

Or are you referring to featured links, which allow you to create a topic around a certain link (e.g., like how reddit operates)?

On the off chance that you’re confused by this, categories are ways of categorizing information as “alike” based on a common theme. Topics are continuous posts with a starting post that gives context to what the subject being discussed is. On Meta, a “feature” is a category that says that all topics in that category fall under usable features of Discourse. These aren’t “featured” in the sense of “these are the most important topics on the forum that everyone should read.”

I can see how the navbar can be confusing lexically for new users: it may appear that we’ve featured topics but in reality, Features is a category.

Can i directly add a user under any feature or topic?
(Manzarul Haque) #3

Yes my doubt is for feature category , which is first point under discourse api doc. Basically i want know the relations between these entity (category, topic, post) are they independent or co related to each other. there might be relation like topics belongs to category, and posts belongs to topic.

(Lucas Nicodemus) #4

Okay, so a category is a collection of topics. On traditional forum packages, like vBulletin, SMF, phpBB, or IP.Board, these are the primary place where users post topics. On XenForo, these are called “nodes.” In this case, the “feature” category is a lose collection of feature requests.

The difference between Discourse is that there is no requirement that a topic have a category. You could almost say that categories hold topics, except that some topics can exist without one.

Topics are collections of post. They’re strictly containers for posts – you’re looking at a topic right now. However, the text and the information represented in this paragraph is part of my post – that is, as the creator, I own the post. Posts are stored associated with each topic in a linear fashion, but my user account created it so I have special rights for it (like editing it or redacting it).

I can’t really get too abstract other than this, though. You might consider looking into the Wikipedia article for forums if this didn’t help enough:

(Christoph) #5

If you like metaphors:

Think of categories as rooms, topics as tables, replies as conversations. Your goal, as the dinner party organizer, is to found your own successful restaurant with Discourse, a place where the entertaining dinner party never stops.