Different logos for different categories

(Juffin) #1

How about ability to enable different logos in different categories?
i.e if person is in “Cars” category, logo displayed on top of the page will be car-related (mascot sitting in the car, or similar)

(Sjors) #2

Sounds cool but where exactly would you put the cars logo? Can you wireframe it?

(Juffin) #3

same place where currently Discourse logo is. Logo changes only when user enters category, so overall frontpage branding stays the same.

(Мария Сергеева) #4

It would be good to allow admin to upload icons for categories so that they will appear near category word or instead of it on the main page in the topic list.

(David Maxwell) #5

Seems to me that could potentially end up confusing users as most people consider the logo as “home”, and that behavior has been ingrained for many years. Plus, people might start expecting different behaviors if they click on the logos, where now it just goes to the main discourse page as defined by the admin.

Add in having to ensure the logos are EXACTLY the same dimensions, or you’ll have to add additional CSS, which means more maintenance to handle when an upgrade occurs.

Plus you’ve already got the category names, and you can add a different background per category, so I don’t know if this really adds that much value.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #6

This suggestion is in dire need of mockups :slight_smile: