Difficulties setting up different user groups with permissions

Hey everyone,

I tried searching through existing topics, but couldn’t find the solution for my problem. If there is, but I was too blind, please link it here :slight_smile:

I’m the community manager for a market place platform for teaching materials. The forum is currently only available for our authors (these are our sellers). I plan to open the forum for users/buyers as well, so the community grows.

To protect our authors, I want to give them the chance to stay “invisible” (as in can’t be tagged by other users ect.) if they want to. This is a must-have, since some of them are influencers who value their privacy. My initial idea was to adjust the trust levels, which is not possible from what I found out. Next idea I had was to create groups, but groups also do not override the tagging by normal users. Maybe I’m not setting the groups up correctly, if so please enlighten me :slight_smile:

Maybe it is a good moment to point out, that I cannot code, but we do have an IT department that can, but has limited resources.

Is there a plugin that solves my issue, or do I ultimately have to use a different tool?

Thanks in advance for your help, let me know if you need more information on anything.


How 'invisible" do they want to be? Can they just use a pseudonym? Are you concerned that they’ll get lots of unwanted notifications?

I suppose that a plugin could not notify them when they are @mentioned. Is that the problem you’re trying to solve?

If privacy is what they want then they should either not post or have a pseudonym