Difficulties translating key subject_re - need context

(Anton) #1

The original English text is:


The problem is that in Russian we do not use Re: something, we express it differently depending on the context.

Could someone please clarify how this string is used?

(Luke S) #2

If you are seeing this in Server.en.yml, It relates to email. In english, there is a convention to prefix an email subject line with "Re: " when replying. For instance, If you have email notifications active, the notification you receive about this very reply should have Re: Difficulties translating key subject_re - need context as the subject line.

I should note, though, that I don’t know exactly what circumstances will/will not lead discourse to append this string to an email, as I don’t like getting emails about forum activity. (I have all automatic emails suppressed in my user settings.)

(Bill Ayakatubby) #3

If it helps, “re” is an abbreviation of “regarding.” So in @Sailsman63’s example, “Re: Difficulties translating key subject_re” is interpreted to mean “Regarding [the topic entitled] ‘Difficulties translating key subject_re’”

(Tobias Eigen) #4

FYI - this is an optional feature which is really only in there to support users who use the OSX Mail email client. Apparently osx mail requires it to handle topic threading.

This is such a particular use case I’d actually recommend not having it be in by default.

As discussed:

(Jeff Atwood) #5

It is not in by default, Re: is not used out of the box in Discourse. cc: @peternlewis.

(Tobias Eigen) #6

really? I never added it but it’s in use on my discourse. just suddenly started showing the new subjects after a recent upgrade.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Hmm, you’re right, that should not have been included by default. Removing it from the setting for now. Sorry for the oversight!

(Anton) #8

So “Re:” should be kept in translations in order to keep mail clients functioning correctly.
Added a corresponding note to Transifex.