Digest Categories


Trying to get clear on what does/doesn’t get sent.

If a member does not have access to a category, he won’t see that content in the digest mails.

But. Is this based on TrustLevel or does being a member of a group also influence the content?

All of my members are stuck in groups and while they can belong to more groups, it is group-membership that determines whether or not they can even see a category.

ALL members have TL1, so if that’s the criteria for digest, then I’m screwed, :stuck_out_tongue:

What are the criteria? Can you please describe the decision-logic?


Trust level doesn’t matter unless you use trust level to control access to categories.

In the admin section there’s a digest page that will let you see exactly what digest will be sent for a given user and set the date of last visit.

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Oh, thanks, Jay, that’s a relief.

not sure where to find that digest page you mention, though.

Admin /emails/preview digest

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Activity Summary emails (the proper name for these mailings - though admin settings are still found using digest) do check whether the user has the right to see the particular topics. It is not just based on Trust Level.

The logic that is applied is:

You slightly modify this with site settings that can include new users’ content if you prefer (search for default include tl0 in digests)

If you want to check, you can go to your admin dashboard and navigate to Emails / Preview Digest

On this page you can enter the username of different users with varying permissions to get a preview of what would be sent to them to confirm that they will not be sent content that is not intended for them


Awesome, thanks Robert!