Digest email text/plain part contains HTML entities

(George Macon) #1

I read my email in plain text, and the digest emails I receive contain HTML entities, making them hard to read. For example, from my most recent digest:

[Suggestion: # of likes in a topic in the tool tip][3]

 Continuing the discussion from Does anyone actually like the "Likes" column?: 

After the dissapearance of the "likes" column, why not display the information in the tool tip? 

When you mouse over the number of posts in the "posts" column, it displays something like "there are  posts in this topics". 

Why not change that to "<number1> posts, <number2> likes"

The plain text email should be plain text, not HTML without tags.

Unread and notification menu posts
(Robin Ward) #2

Fixed in master:


(Jeff Atwood) #3