Digest text not updating

(eriko) #1

The emails being sent to users are not changing day to day.
There is nothing of interest in the sidekiq logs except for the output of the backup process. It is possible that some task did not get added in a migration or something?

Things that could be wrong but I do not thing are:

  • still v1.3.0.beta10 +23 as I only update every other week
  • Bare metal install (why the above) but will be moving to docker in a month

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Yeah, you really want to be on the Docker install. And on the final 1.3.

(eriko) #3

I agree with the above and will doing the version upgrade in the morning. Docker will take a bit longer to get in place. We did not start with it as I did the install before the docker install came into being.

That said any thoughts on where I could look for a failing job that would cause this?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I don’t think there’s any value in troubleshooting this until you are on the Docker-based install.

(eriko) #5

Ok. I can not say that I really disagree. :confused:
Onwards and upwards then.