Digital ocean CDN setup

hello I’m trying to use a CDN from digitalocean and I plugged it into my discourse set up but now my website is just all white with nothing

You will need to use a different CDN, or set S3 CDN settings via web console only (not through app.yml).


I moved to a new CDN It pulled everything that it should
but when I use the normal website url it shows that almost everything is blocked instead of giving me status 200 but when I go to the cdn url I’m able to access the website through that

now my CDN is even reporting blocked instead of status 200

how do i fix this I dont know what to do

I fixed it by taking off content security policy

Turning off CSP is very dangerous. It is like solving a house door lock issue by removing the door to your house…


Then why was it not working with it on I don’t understand why. Should I just forget about the CDN and just turn it back on?

I’d follow the CDN setup guide. There’s a lot of fairly inexpensive CDNs out there these days. I use cdn77 myself.

I did and it was not working

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