Direct link to anonymous profile setting

(Evans Akanno) #1

Hello guys, we have been working to improve the user experience on our discourse forum and we added app links at the bottom as seen below however we are finding it difficult to link to anonymous as this is one feature most of our users engage with.

What can you advise?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Interesting, so you have heavy usage of the anonymous user feature? We don’t see that a lot.

(Evans Akanno) #3

Oh yes we do. We are a lifestyle community and a lot of topics around relationships and religion are not well discussed without people having a biased opinion. We actually learnt this from our users and their activity.

@codinghorror Discourse is lovely. Solid framework for communities and we are enjoying every bit of using it to power Zegist.

(Evans Akanno) #4

@codinghorror do you have a solution to link directly to the anonymous profile?