(direct) message auto-carbon-copy?

I’m currently using a discourse free-trial to evaluate use by a youth organization. One of our requirements is that parents receive a copy of any (direct/private/personal) messages sent to their child.

This could be done by OP when the message is created as long as they remember to include the parents (assuming they know the parent usernames as well).

Is there any way this could be done automatically? Basically some way to automatically include %{parents} to receive list for any user that has them?

No, this isn’t possible at present. It may be possible in a plugin, if you have a budget to get this developed then you could try posting in the #marketplace.

Is disabling private messages an option?

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It might be simpler to disable all personal messaging, there is a site setting to do this.

(This does not disable the ability for staff to message users, just users to message other users.)


Thanks for the feedback. Am I correct in assuming that if we do want to use a custom plugin, that we will need to self-host and not use discourse.com hosting?

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For what you are describing in the OP a plugin is probably simplest and would require an enterprise plan to be hosted by us.

Alternatives are:

  1. Use our web hooks (available to all our hosting tiers) which notify you when posts are made, then you can build your own service to audit and notify.

  2. have a special alias for all students that always includes parent and child, use that email for students.