Disable activity / changes audit trail


Does anyone know how we can hide the activity/changes audit trail that show at the bottom of each topic? As shown in the screenshot below.

Ideally, we don’t want users to be able to view this.


You can click the :x: next to each item to delete it. Staff will still be able to see the deleted posts, but normal users will not.

There is not currently any way to do this automatically.


For many style changes the browser dev tools are invaluable.

I usually right-click, then inspect in the context menu, to open on whatever I’m interested in. Then it’s as easy as analyzing the HTML and identifying potential selectors. (not always so easy :wink: )

For example, this CSS worked for me when I put it into Admin Customize .
You should use whatever your themes style has as the display: value, not necessarily “flex”. Unless that’s what your themes value is, proper display can not be assumed.

div.small-action { 
  display: none;
body.staff div.small-action {
  display: flex;

(between the OP and the first reply)
For non-staff:

while for logged in Staff:

Thank you! @Mittineague

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