Disable badge notifications

I just logged in here to search for or post a feature request, and I got immediately distracted by a notification for an earned badge.

I have no interest in tracking my badges, and I see no way to opt out of these in my preferences. The closest I found is on preferences/interface, where I already had “Skip new user onboarding tips and badges” ticked.

Please let users disable badge notifications, thank you.

Which particular badge notification was this?

The badge that raised a notification on Meta upon my visit today was “Earned Anniversary”.

You only get one of those a year, it is a big deal?


I don’t think his/her concern was with that specific badge but rather all badges, that just happened to be the one he/she got a notification for this time. My interpretation of the OP was that notifications are there to draw your attention to things of interest, e.g. replies to something watched or replies to one’s own posts, whereas badges have no interest to him/her.

I think it would be nice to allow people with no interest in badges to stop being notified about them but equally I see them as being so infrequent that it doesn’t much matter. Opening the user menu to see Earned 'Whatever' is a couple of seconds wasted in probably weeks or months past the very early bunch.

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Yes I would prefer it if I could disable all badge notifications, not just a portion of them.

I don’t object to turning badge notifications into a dropdown so we have more fidelity, that said this is the first request I have seen for a global unconditional per user badge notification bypass.

FYI @codinghorror