Disable Categories / Topic from the User Statistics



i have a Categorie Off-Topic, they are some spam Topics and i wont that someone that only active in that Categorie (with post, reads, likes…) can promote to trust level 3.

is that possible?

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Category setting: do not count post created
(Jeff Atwood) #2

I don’t understand your question?


Okay, if a user want t3 he must read some post, like some post, get liked etc… you know it :smile:

I want the things do not count in the Categorie xyz that make the user for the trust level

(mountain) #4

You want a “spam” category’s activity to not count toward all users’ important statistical data; that data which determine things such as trust levels, badges, ect.

I think The Daily WTF has something like that with their instance.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

I think that’s only for badges though.

(mountain) #6

In general, can it be done? I know a few current software offerings have a setting like that for boards of a forum. In those working examples, posts in a specific board do not count toward a user’s post count.

Spam boards and other deliberate entropy acceleration zones have a place on a broad range of applications, or at least the function to have a category’s activity be null to any data counts. It also helps to gently steer a user base from capitalizing their time and conversations to a particular board.

That gives more flexibility to community owners who want to truly reward users for writing in and listening to a specific category.

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That’s what I’m looking.


Sorry to bump an old topic, but I’m also curious if there’s any way to do this. It seems many of our forum members have been getting T3 by participating in forum games, which makes me feel a little weird. Most older forum software I’ve used had some way to issue a ‘spam’ category that didn’t contribute to the user’s post count, so I’m wondering if there’s some similar solution here, or if it one might be implemented in the future.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #9

If you go into a category’s settings, you’ll see an option for “Allow badges to be awarded in this category”.

Though we should consider changing the copy of that setting, as I’m not quite sure what the scope of it is.


Yeah but, what does that function even do? Trust levels don’t inherently have anything to do with badges do they?


Still very unclear on all this…