Disable default registration and only allow third party

(Anthony) #1

Not sure if this is somewhere else, but I am currently using the steam-auth plugin for logins using oauth. I’d like to disable the default email registration that is available and configure it to only allow steam registration, then after a user has registered, they will be able to use the email/password system to login. Any ideas?


The last part of the request is what makes it tricky. But I think it could be done with css customization. A display none of the specific parts of the sign up page

I was able to hide the user fields

I’ll try something in a few hours

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #3

What’s the password they gonna use?

(Anthony) #4

So it’ll work as follows:


Only button available is the “Steam Login” button, this already exists. Once it verifies via oauth it redirects you to a registration panel, where you put in your username, password and email. The advantage of this is that it FORCES every discourse account to have a steam account linked to it.


Users have the ability to either login with steam, or use their email/password.


The plugin already exists, it’s just the concealment of the ability to use the normal email/password methods for login :smiley:

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #5

Ahh Steam Login is a special snowflake of login buttons, as it’s the only that doesn’t provide an e-mail address, so the user needs to fill e-mail and password too.

(Anthony) #6

You are correct! Planning on integrating game-server stats into discourse that’ll have features provided by a plugin, but won’t work if not everyone has a steam id :smiley:

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #7

Lol I’m planning in doing the same with @DanielMarquard, but for Battle.Net.

We just ask for BNet Tag (or steam user ID) as a custom user field on signup, and will just skip over a user that doesn’t provides this info.