Disable email confirmations

How do i disable Email verification ?
The problem is for some reason my synology can only receive mails but can’t send (i tried to fix it for 2 months but nothing), so i need to disable email verification through some config or something to be able to login.
It is possible ?
Thanks for help.

Obviously you need to fix the emails problem sooner or later.
You cannot disable email verification but you can use Social Logins that provide email (like Google and Facebook) or a SSO with an external site, so your users don’t need to check their emails to start posting.

If you need to login as an admin you can do this: What to do when you have locked yourself out by invalid SSO configuration or read-only mode

I suggest you contact @pfaffman to fix the email problem ASAP


When i go to 192.168…/u/admin-login it says The page you requested doesn't exist or is private.

AFAIK, Discourse will not work when trying to go to the IP address. Try going to that page using the domain name.

Domain = IP Hidden under letters

IP address installs are not supported here. A DNS name in your configuration is a hard requirement.

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So if you does not understand … Domain.com/u/admin-login error 404.

Did you follow our official install guide?

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No i downloaded it from synology package center

Sounds like you need to ask them for support. You’re way outside the scope of what we support here.