Disable email verification with SSO and Discobot messages

(Vanina Yordanova) #1

Hello people!

I have 2 questions.

First of all, I successfully migrated 50k+ users and around 2000 topics from Drupal forum to the Discourse forum, using the import script and it all went really well.

4 000 of these users received a message from the Discobot before I disabled the setting. I want to remove those messages, so when the users log in they do not see any system messages. Is that possible?

Secondly, the system works as follows. I have a WordPress website which is the SSO provider, so when a new user is created on the website it is also created in Discourse. That works perfectly. But the new user needs to verify his email before logging in Discourse. Normally WordPress will send an email to the new user, so he should verify his email anyway. But can I disable this feature from DIscourse side. I would like my users not to verify their emails before log into Discourse. DO you have any ideas, how to do that??
Any help will be much apreciated!

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I would like my users not to verify their emails before log into Discourse

This post talks about email verification and how to disable

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

Could you just disable the bot and import again?

How to delete private messages?
(Vanina Yordanova) #4

I could do that, but because the whole set up took me so long, if there is a way to just delete the messages will be better