"disable image download domains" Not Working as Expected

On one of my installs (forum.confident.faith), I have disabled the site’s downloading of remote images for the root domain (i.e, confident.faith); however, it seems that the remote images are still being downloaded (e.g., https://forum.confident.faith/t/daily-devotion-for-14-august-2019-10th-wednesday-after-pentecost/117).

Perhaps this has something to do with the use of a new TLD (.faith)?

You can’t disable this for the root domain, only all other domains.


Interesting. What is the logic behind excluding the root domain? I would think that excluding downloading images from the root domain would be a relatively common use case.

In the instant case, I want to exclude the root domain because there are a number of images included in a post template that is used to create a new post each day, and (because S3 doesn’t support de-duplication) this tends to clutter storage after a while.

It is not a common use case, quite the opposte in fact.

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You mean that you’re having your Discourse not download your own images from your root domain because you’re afraid Discourse will download duplicate images? It won’t. It generates a hash for each image and if you upload the same image a million times, it’ll have just one.

So, if your problem is that you don’t want Discourse to download your images because it’ll have lots of copies of it and upload them to S3, well, it shouldn’t be a problem.


I can still envision situations where it would be nice to be able to add the root domain to the exclusion list, but this does actually address my immediate concerns. Thank you for the information.