Disable pop-up notifications

(Leo) #1

Is there any way to disable pop-up notifications for all users? The blue balloon that appears and the ones in dropdown?

(Matt Palmer) #2

What’s your reasoning for wanting that? Notifications are fairly integral to how Discourse works. Perhaps if you describe your rationale there’s a better way of achieving what you want?

(Leo) #3

Actually I’ll create bunch of topics via api, and I don’t want the users to be notified. I’ve already disabled emails by site settings, but I can’t figure out how to disable popup notifications.

(Matt Palmer) #4

Aha! Now we have a problem that can be meaningfully solved. It’s not so much that you want to suppress the number being visible (which is how I read your initial question), but rather you want to prevent the notifications being created at all.

Are you setting import_mode on the API calls? That’s part of the core importer code, and it suppresses all sorts of things, including, I think, notifications.

(Leo) #5

Thats exactly what I want! I’ve tried passing import_mode: true as params in api call, but it doesn’t work. May be I need to track import_mode in PostRevisor ?

(Matt Palmer) #6

How exactly are you passing import_mode in your code?

(Leo) #7