Disable some features for moderator

(Adnan) #1

A moderator has controls to “Users”, “Email” and “Logs” under “Admin” section. Is it possible to disable “Email” and “Logs” section for moderators?

I think only admin should have access to “Email” and “Logs” section. Could you guys update this feature? :smile:

(cpradio) #2

Email, I can agree with it. Logs, I can see value in. It is nice knowing which moderator suspended a user (as another moderator) in case issues arise.

The logs aren’t giving away any data that I can’t likely find using different pages, it just makes it easier for me to find what I’m looking for.

One thing I can’t find that the logs provide to a Moderator, is if the User was suspended previously. So let’s say they make a second offense, and they were already suspended once for the first offense. I may want to suspend them longer this time for their second offense. But if I can’t see that they were already suspended previously, I can’t easily make that decision.

(Adnan) #3

Good point related to “Logs”.

This would be a nice feature, possibly under “Users” section a column showing total # of previous suspensions.