Disable SSO While Not Signed In

(Christian Stewart) #1

Hi all,

I enabled SSO accidentally and logged off, now I can’t log back in. How can I reset this setting without being logged in?


(Salman, Freelance Developer) #2

You can ssh into the server or db and update the setting I’m sure, or run rails console and update the model property.

(Christian Stewart) #3

Can I have a bit more details on how to update the setting?

(Adam Capriola) #5
./launcher enter app
rails c
irb > SiteSetting.enable_sso = false
irb > exit

Disable Auth0 plugin
(eriko) #6

You might also have to
SiteSetting.enable_local_logins = true

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(Aekansh Dixit) #8

There’s always a backdoor for admin!