Disable usage statistics on profile Pages?


When opening a user profile there is a STATS Section showing the time active, spent reading ect.

While these informations are nice in some forums they might be undesired in more privacy focused websites. Additionally we are quite shure the new "General Data Protection Regulation" by the EU makes it necessary to opt-out of stuff like this.

Is there a way to disable these kinds of Statistics?

(Florian) #2

I’d be also interested in a setting that disables collection of this data.

As a workaround, I’ve disabled the display via ‘Admin > Customize > Themes > Common > CSS’. It’s clear that the data is still collected and probably can be inspected via the user JSON object.

.user-main .stats-section li:nth-of-type(1),
.user-main .stats-section li:nth-of-type(2),
.user-main .stats-section li:nth-of-type(3),
.user-main .stats-section li:nth-of-type(4) { display: none; }
#user-card .card-content .metadata h3:last-of-type { display: none; }


Thanks to @fhe. We thought about doing something similar as a workaround and your code is helpfull

However, as you mentioned, this is not really a solution. The data is still collected and is still send, just hidden client side. Anyone who wants to collect the Data can do so.

(Florian) #4

Another thing to mitigate this is to disable user profiles for anonymous visitors. See the setting hide user profiles from public.

Still, an option to simply not collect user stats data would be best and needed.