Disabling auto-generated Meta Description of Topics


I noticed Discourse uses the opening sentence of a topic as the Meta Desciption.

As most of my topics start with the same (automated) opening sentence, I would like to have the Meta Desciption disabled not to confuse spiders such as Googlebot. Better to have no Meta Description at all, than low quality duplicates. Don’t you agree? :slight_smile:

I hope my suggestion is of any use to improve Discourse! Thanks.

Why not change this, first?


It’s is desired behaviour. Much cleaner way to start a topic :slight_smile: Check out my previous topic:

I’m also having trouble with the auto generated meta description of discourse.

Some of my topics start with a picture or an audio file. and In meta description the name of picture and the link of audio appears which is awkward.

My take is that generating a meta description upon the 1st reply in a topic is not good to have . Better to remove the Meta Description altogether and let Googlebot figure out the content in the body of topics.

A Meta Desciption is designed to be written manually with a page, and not to be generated systematically. For forums usage, you’ll be better off without one…

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