Disabling Mailgun, and send from local mailserver?

Hei there.

I am running a Discourse container with about 70.000 registered users as of today.
So using Mailgun to send all mail communication and digest becomes quite expensive atm.

There were sent about 500k mails within the last 30 days.

My dedicated server is running Ubuntu 16.04 with a solid ISPConfig3 installation. Mailserver etc. working just fine.

Can I disable Mailgun and run all mails from the local server? Or will I just fill up every blacklist with my domain? :sweat_smile:

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That’s the question. I think that it can be answered only empirically. I’m considering a similar test myself.

The site setting about digest time is the default for new users. Do you mean that the same users are getting digests every seven hours, or that every seven hours some of them are processed? I suspect it’s the latter.

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Well, I have 70k users.
And i have 452961 jobs in the sidekiq queue.

I’ll have to check in about 6 hours if there will be another round of digest mails to all users.

This is very brave! :slight_smile:

Haven’t we got to the point where email works on a ‘whitelist’ rather than a ‘blacklist’ basis, given spamming is so rife? …

Very interested in your results …

Let’s give it a shot.
Will try a local smtp server. :slight_smile:

That just kills my smtp server. :smiley:
I’ll stick to Mailgun for now. Might disable the digest again.


Well, you can always try, but isn’t deliverability going to be a huge issue?

If I remember correctly, Mailgun isn’t among the cheapest providers. Have you considered changing to a different one?

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When I started my community, 10k free mails at Mailgun were more than enough. As of today, I will have to consider another service than Mailgun. Thats for sure.

Deliverability was indeed an issue. I would have to make quite some changes to my system to get this up and running smooth. And I don’t want to play too much around in the live system.

I don’t have a development variant of the forums to do this kind of stuff atm. :slight_smile:

I think you’ll be just fine switching to an different provider. Or maybe you can raise some money from your members. They seem to be happy, so if you explain the costs, maybe they’ll donate? (That’s assuming that you’re not already making money with the forum in other ways)

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Well indeed I do make some money with some ads to cover the costs for the server.
I do not make any profit so far and I really don’t want to push my members to “pay” for using the platform.

But I might set up some kind of service which the members can use, to make some more money to cover up all costs. :slight_smile:

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Just chuck up a Patreon, offer the chance to contribute and tie it into some community perks. A few of your regulars will probably chip in, if not then nothing lost. It’s a simple task and will give you some measure of how much your community values what you’re doing. Anything more elaborate is pointless until you establish that.