Disabling or limiting the "add a user" to message dropdown

(Kevin Griffin) #1


I have a client who would like to completely disable the autocomplete drop down when adding users to a private message. We already disable the user directory - but this still provides a list of users in the forum if someone spent enough time searching.

Another alternative, if disabling is too much would be to enable the drop down after X characters (i’d say 4 or 5 characters would be better accepted than just one) or if an exact match is found.

I didn’t see anything in the settings for limiting this - so any guidance would be greatly appreciated it.


(Sam Saffron) #2

I guess you can hide the entire UI there via CSS.

I don’t understand the requirement though. Why allow these people the ability to send PMs in the first place?

(Kevin Griffin) #3

sigh Yeah. My client wants/likes PM functionality, but they don’t want users to able to extrapolate the number of users in the system. We have 1000 people in our forums, but from a marketing perspective, they want customers to think they’re in a private “100 person” forum. The user dropdown lists gives clues towards there being many many more users than what someone would expect.

As another note: we hide the user count on the about page for this reason too.