Discobot Tutorial Bug: Images Lesson Doesn't Work



When adding an image to the discobot tutorial, the “lesson” wouldn’t pass, even after several attempts using the link

I even used the image that discobot suggested. I did remove the quotes around it and the image embedded fine, but the “lesson” wouldn’t pass.


It’s repeatable on other discourse instances.

Discobot image lesson may not be working in some circumstances
(Robert McIntosh) #2

I think what might have happened there is that you have not ALSO clicked the like button on the original image post as requested

I am a bit confused though since when I do that I get a reminder to like the image

It could be that this was not triggered for some reason? I can’t reproduce this here as I’ve tested it and it worked fine


You’re right - I hadn’t clicked the Like button. BTW, it was in a conditional (“If you like it”), so I thought it wasn’t required.

That’s the first time I’ve seen the “Did you forget to like my post” message. For good measure, I just Liked the post. No change (as expected in this case).

Try these steps to replicate it:

  1. When the unicorn appears, just click the Reply button.
  2. Drag the unicorn image into the editor.
  3. Reply

Make sure the above steps are done within 15 seconds (maybe that’s part of it).