Discord Oauth2 Plugin

Yesss, that was my problem with discord settings :man_facepalming:
Thanks you!

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Pushed up a fix for the deprecation warning :balloon:


I’m not sure what permissions you had to grant on the discord side, as it just needs the client and secret keys and the app asks for permissions. Can the main topic be updated to contain your troubleshooting steps?




I have two servers. One is about Apples, the other is about Oranges.

My Discourse instance is about Fruits.

Is it possible to accept guild ID’s of both my Apples and Oranges server, so they can both be auto-approved with Discord Auth login? If so, how? If not, can this happen?

It doesn’t support that yet, but it shouldn’t be a terribly difficult thing to implement. Accepting more than 1 Discord server has just never come up before.


Thank you. This would be very helpful in my situation. Lots of demand, but don’t have the knowledge to change this myself.

Should add an option to disable local registration and only allow w/e oauths are installed. This way it only registers uses based on the oauths.

What would be the best way to accomplish this? Modify the template that has the sign up button on the main page to not display? Just use login? Or is there a better method?

Also I noticed that when additional User Fields were enabled on registration it buggs out and causes issues with registration when using Discord Oauth. Removed the fields and it worked.

You can disable the enable local logins site setting, then only OAuth logins will be allowed.

Can you explain in more detail what you mean by “bugs out”. If you can provide screenshots or error logs that would be great.


Local Login disable is not an option for me as I need it for administration, I’m using Discord oauth for members and dont want them to use local logins. (Makes account creation easier for what im doing) So I’ve just css hidden the account creation links/buttons. Prob could change templates to only allow admins only to login maybe via Local login but if its disabled is for everyone including admins?

Sure, as per the Bug’s let me load up logs and retest when I get back to that stage. I’ll post them here or on Git.

-Edit- Actually cant seem to reproduce anymore, seems fixed. I’ll report back if i find it again.

Even with local logins disabled the admin login URL still works:

yoursite.com/u/admin-login .


Thanks for that tip Stephen!

Thanks for sharing this! :smile:

PR raised. Paves way to facilitate administration of Discord user accounts from within Discourse.