Discord URL embed has extra trailing slash

Hey all,

Loving Discourse!

I’ve noticed an issue when posting the URL in to a Discord group


The top link works correctly - https://meta.discourse.org/

However clicking the Discourse Meta link in the embed preview windows opens a window to:
Note an extra / at the end, loading a blank page

Is there a way to correct this or perhaps redirect unknown urls to the base https://meta.discourse.org/


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I can repro this on Discord, but can’t on Telegram, Mattermost and Iframely.

Also, I can’t find the double slashes when doing a cURL for https://meta.discourse.org/

So I suspect this is a Discord bug?


Yes, looking at it and testing some other URL’s Discord appears to append an additional /

I’ll try and contact their support as well

Is it possible to handle the error though - ie when the route is not valid it should ideally redirect to the base url

Or show a 404 not found, at present it just loads a page with nothing on it