Discourse 2.7.0.beta7 upgrade failing

Discourse new upgrade fails with below error

Errno::ENOENT: No such file or directory @ rb_file_s_size discourse

Is this from the command line or the web interface?

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It is from the command line

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I ran an upgrade about 14 hours ago.

Do you have any plugins?

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Yes i have. Below are my plugins


whenever i do git pull and ./laucher rebuild app below is the error i am getting

could not connect to source postmaster started with the command:
“/usr/lib/postgresql/12/bin/pg_ctl” -w -l “pg_upgrade_server.log” -D “/shared/postgres_data” -o “-p 50432 -b -c listen_addresses=’’ -c unix_socket_permissions=0700 -c unix_socket_directories=’/var/lib/postgresql’” start
Failure, exiting


Pups::ExecError: /root/upgrade_postgres failed with return #<Process::Status: pid 51 exit 1>
Location of failure: /pups/lib/pups/exec_command.rb:112:in `spawn’
exec failed with the params “/root/upgrade_postgres”

Ah. So you have a postgres issue. You might look at PostgreSQL 13 update.

I have followed the steps but my data was lost after upgrade how to restore it i have followed below steps
./launcher stop app #(or both web_only and data if that is your case)
mkdir -p /var/discourse/shared/standalone/postgres_data_new
docker run --rm
-v /var/discourse/shared/standalone/postgres_data:/var/lib/postgresql/12/data
-v /var/discourse/shared/standalone/postgres_data_new:/var/lib/postgresql/13/data
mv /var/discourse/shared/standalone/postgres_data /var/discourse/shared/standalone/postgres_data_old
mv /var/discourse/shared/standalone/postgres_data_new /var/discourse/shared/standalone/postgres_data
./launcher rebuild app